Urke Fiordcottages


Family vacations in magnificent landscape

Urke Fiord cottages can offer three modern cottages for six to ten. The cottages are located on the outskirt of our farm viewing the fiord and surrounded by the Sunnmore Alps (Sunnmørsalpane) all around. 

There are excellent fishing beds in the fiord and trout lakes near the road in Norangsdalen (Norang valley).

Well known landmarks near by are Geiranger, Trollstigen and Ålesund.


The Norangfiord (The Norang Fiord), is a branch of Hjørundfjorden (the Hjorund Fiord). 

The branch is most known for its hiking trips Hjorundfiordegga and Urkeegga. 


The  neighbourhood has both light traffic and a quiet atmosphere, which makes it an excellent place for the whole family. 

Centrally located in the neighbourhood there are a local store selling groceries and gasoline and a post office. 

By the local Brew there is a local pub, where you can get refreshments.

Urke Fjordhytter

Eldrid Øye og Helge Urke
6196 Norangsfjord

Telephone: 47- 70062054 / 47- 97769182

E-mail: eldro@tussa.com

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