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Mountain activites

Hjørundfjorden provides perfect conditions for mountain activites on all levels. From your base at Urke you may choose light family walks, or peaks and mountain ridges for those of you who want greater challenges. 



(The Hjorundfiord/Norangfiord) has verry good fishing, abundant in pollach (pollachius vireas), but cod (Gadus callarias), pollach (Gadus pollachius, Whiting (Gadus merlangus), ling (Molva molva), cusk (Brosmius brosme), Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), herring (Clupea harangus) etc.

The fiord is well shielded from wind because of the high mountains all around. In Norangsdalen (the Norang Valley) fresh water fish may be caught. 

Roundtrips by car/bike

For those who want to see Sunnmøre, Urke is a well-suited starting point. Trips to trollstigen, Runde, Geiranger and Ålesund may all be accomplished within a two hour drive

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